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Key points

A landlord renting out a property in any kind of building containing flats has rights and responsibilities, along with the co-owners, to maintain and manage the building. To find out exactly what applies in the building, the landlord should you read the Title Deeds. If there are problems with your title deeds, you need to refer to the Tenements Act 2004.

The Tenements Act says common repairs include:

  • the ground (solum) on which your building stands (but not always the garden).
    the foundations.
  • the external walls – but individual owners are responsible for the part of these walls that lies in their flat
  • the roof (including the rafters).
  • other structural parts of the building such as beams, columns and load bearing walls.
  • the close and stairs (when they are not mutual)

Title deeds can be accessed via the Registrars of Scotland website.

Further context

Landlords can often face difficulties in gaining co-operation and/or consent from other owners of property with common areas. Information on how to manage these situation and detailed information on dealing with common repairs can be found of the Under One Roof website.

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