Working with
Local Authorities

The aim of Landlord Accreditation Scotland is to promote best practice in the private rented sector and this will be accomplished not only through the provision of encouragement, support and incentives for landlords, but also by actively working with and publicly recognising those landlords who are willing to attain and adhere to good management practices. Landlords who wish to become accredited must meet the criteria set out in the Scottish Core Standards for Accredited Landlords.

By working in partnership with Landlord Accreditation Scotland, local authorities can engage with residential landlords by providing support and training in their area and allow landlords to see that local authorities in Scotland recognise the important role of the private rented sector in providing accommodation for a diverse range of households.

To find out more about the services offered to private landlords from Local Authorities working in partnership with LAS, please click on the council logo below.

Local Authorities Working in Partnership with Landlord Accreditation Scotland