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Landlord Accreditation Checklist

The following is a checklist that landlords must meet or be working towards in order to be awarded accredited status. If you require more details about a particular standard, please refer to the Scottish National Core Standards for Accredited Landlords which is the basis of Landlord Accreditation Scotland. Please check the LAS website for full details:

You should select yes beside each point only if you are certain that you are complying with the standard required.

As the landlord I confirm that:

Standard 1 - Communication with tenants

I/we communicate clearly and promptly with the tenant on any matter that affects the property and its

Standard 2 - Equality Issues

I/we practice equal opportunities in managing my/our properties. I/we do not treat any person or group any less
favourably because of race, colour, ethnic origin, sex or disability or sexual orientation when letting or managing

Standard 2 - Complaints

At the outset of the tenancy I/we will advise the tenant in writing of the way/s that any complaints should be
registered and will keep a record of any complaints and the outcome of any complaints

Standard 2 - Disputes

I/we will seek to resolve any dispute involving the tenant or the property, including neighbour disputes, promptly
and lawfully

Standard 3 - Management of the Tenancy

I/we have registered with the local authority Private Landlord Registration Scheme and therefore meet the
requirements of that scheme

Standard 3 - Pre-Letting Procedures

Where applicable, I/we have permission from the mortgage lender to use the property for letting purposes

I/we have adequate buildings and third party liability insurance cover

I/we do not charge for the drawing up of copying of the tenancy agreement

I/we provide any new tenant with the required Easy Read Notes or Statutory Supporting Notes to accompany a Private Residential Tenancy

Standard 3 - The Tenancy Agreement

When letting a property, I/we provide a written tenancy agreement setting out the terms of the let and any relevant notices, notice periods which will be required and the responsibilities of the landlord and tenant(s) in relation to payment of rent, bills repairs and behaviour

My/our full name/s and address/addresses are stated in the tenancy agreement

Standard 3 - Rent and Other Charges

I/we charge a reasonable rent, taking into account the size and condition of the property

I/we provide receipts for rental payments, except when payments are received electronically or by direct
debit/standing order

I/we provide a rent book where rent is paid weekly.

Standard 3 – Deposit

I/we do not discriminate against a prospective tenant who intends to obtain a deposit, rent or rent guarantee from a recognised scheme designed to help low-income tenants gain access to private rented accommodation

I/we limit tenancy deposits to no more than two month’s rent

I/we provide a receipt for any tenancy deposit requested, clearly stating what is covered by the tenancy deposit

I/we will ensure that any deposit paid to me/us will be lodged within 30 working days of the start of the tenancy agreement in line with Scottish tenancy deposit regulations

Standard 3 – Inventory

I/we provide a detailed inventory, which the tenant(s) is given seven working days to check and agree, which can be amended if required and copied to the tenant(s)

I/we provide contact numbers for emergency and non-emergency repair work

Standard 4 - Repairing Standard

I/we have read and understand that any let property must meet the Repairing Standard
see section 5.4 of the Scottish National Core Standards and Good Practice Guidance for Private Landlords – Housing (Scotland) Act 2006 section 19

I/we will inspect the property before a tenancy starts for the purpose of identifying any work necessary to comply with the Repairing Standard and notify the tenants of any such work

I/we will arrange for repairs and maintenance to be carried out within a reasonable time period, providing proper notice for access

I/we will provide a fixed space heating appliance or a central heating system (and appropriate ventilation) that works effectively in each living room and bedroom

Standard 5 - Repairs and Maintenance

I/we will provide the tenant(s) with information regarding what constitutes an emergency

I/we understand that the tenant must give reasonable access to the property but that I/we must give 24 hours advance notice in writing or my/our intention to enter the property – except where an emergency repair is required.

My/our property is in good decorative order

Standard 6 - Facilities & Fittings

I/we confirm that sinks, baths, showers, wash hand basin (with hot and cold water) and WCs must meet the requirements of the Tolerable Standard

See section 7.1 of the Scottish National Core Standards and Good Practice Guidance for Private Landlords – Housing (Scotland) Act 2006 section 86 (as amended)

I/we confirm that there is adequate storage space within the property for the storage of refuse

Standard 7 - Energy Efficiency, Insulation and Heating

Where necessary and practical I/we will undertake measures to improve energy efficiency, including hot water tank
and pipe lagging and adequate insulation to roof void areas. See section 8 of the Scottish National Core Standards and Good Practice Guidance for Private Landlords

Standard 8 - Health, Safety and Home Security

Where the property has a gas supply I/we arrange for annual gas safety checks to be carried out by a Gas Safe registered contractor and a copy of the gas safety certificate is given to tenant(s)

Where the property has a gas supply I/we retain records of safety checks for at least two years

Where the property has a gas supply I/we have provided the tenant(s) with written instruction on what to do if there is a gas leak or a fault in a gas appliance

I/we instruct an EICR (Electrical inspection condition report) at regular intervals as determined by approved electricians and in line with any relevant legislation

I/we ensure that all contents including the lampshades and furniture incorporating glass comply
with the General Product (Safety) Regulations 1994 and other relevant legislation. See section 8.11 of the Scottish National Core Standards and Good Practice Guidance for Private Landlords – The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988

I/we provide fire protection measures appropriate to the number of occupiers and the size and layout of accommodation in line with published guidance from the Private Rented Housing Panel. See Housing (Scotland) Act 2006: Scottish Government Guidance on satisfactory provision for detecting and warning of fire

I/we carry out a risk assessment with regard to Legionnaires Disease in line with the HSE Approved Code of Practice and guidance

I/we ensure that the accommodation has secure window locks and secure front and rear access doors (where appropriate) that do not prejudice means for escape in case of fire

Landlord Declaration

I/we would like to apply to become an accredited landlord

I/we confirm that I/we have read and meet or are working towards meeting the standards outlined in the Scottish Core Standards for Accredited Landlords

I/we will not knowingly supply false information in relation to Landlord Accreditation Scotland

I/we agree to provide updated property lists, annually to Landlord Accreditation Scotland in respect of the properties owned/managed

I/we will allow a representative of or person appointed by Landlord Accreditation Scotland to visit the property (if necessary) to confirm that standards are being met

I/we confirm that we will attend at least one Core Standard Training session annually

I/we confirm that I/we have copies of the following documentation (where applicable) and can provide copies if requested by Landlord Accreditation Scotland

  • GAS SAFETY CERTIFICATE (where applicable)

I/we confirm that, where I/we have been unable to resolve a dispute with a tenant(s) that, I am willing to use mediation services to try and resolve the dispute (subject to the tenant’s agreement)

I/we confirm that I understand that I must meet or work towards meeting the requirements of the Scottish Core Standard of Accredited Landlords in order to be accredited and I may have my accreditation status revoked in there is evidence that I am not meeting any part of the Standards. Landlord Accreditation Scotland’s decision on whether accredited status should be revoked is final.

Core Standards Read

I/we understand that to ensure consistency, information about my application could be shared with a local authority where a local authority partnership is in place

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Further information on completing the form can be obtained from the LAS office. Tel: 0131 553 2211

Thank you for completing the application form. Landlord Accreditation Scotland will now process this application and should we require any clarification or further information regarding your application we will contact you within 10 working days of receiving your form. If we are able to proceed with your application without contacting you, we will endeavour to complete the application process within 20 working days.