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Landlord Accreditation Scotland, (LAS) is a voluntary scheme by which landlords and letting agents can assure tenants that the tenancy arrangements they have adhere to the high standards outlined in the Scottish Core Standards for Accredited Landlords.

LAS provide training and development courses across Scotland:

What we provide

Landlords and letting agents can access information regarding the private rented sector from many different sources. However Landlord Accreditation Scotland provides information based on Scottish legislation and best practice within the industry.

Becoming accredited, along with regular attendance at courses and information events, provides landlords with knowledge on key issues and how to implement change when required, ensuring they have the confidence to conduct their business in a professional manner.

Elspeth Boyle, LAS Director

Becoming an accredited landlord or letting agent with LAS is a way of demonstrating to landlords and tenants that your management practices are above the minimum legal requirements. The standards that have to be met prior to being awarded accredited status are reasonable and realistic; landlords who already carry out good management practices are well on their way to achieving them.

Show that you are striving to meet the Highest Standards

Accredited status shows that private landlords are striving to comply with the Scottish Core Standards for Accredited Landlords.

No charge to become an accredited landlord

Accreditation is granted on completion of the application process and by attendance at a minimum of one Core Standard training session annually.

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Landlord registration number required

Only landlords with a valid landlord registration number can apply to become accredited by Landlord Accreditation Scotland.

Apply as a Landlord

Apply to become an Accredited Landlord with LAS. Use the link below to start your application.


Apply as an Agent

Apply to become an Accredited Letting Agent with LAS. Use the link below to start your application.


Accredited Agents

Check to see if your agent is accredited with LAS


LAS aims to improve standards in the Scottish Private Rented Sector

This will be done by:

  •   Promoting best practice by informing landlords of the benefits of becoming an accredited landlord or letting agent.
  •   Ensuring that Accredited Landlords comply with the Scottish Core Standards for Accredited Landlords.
  •   Providing access to support, information and landlord training in all aspects of managing residential property in Scotland.
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